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Generator Excitation Systems

Atakpan Excitation System - Generators (Electrical Balance of Plant)


Excitation systems have a powerful impact on generator dynamic performance and availability, it ensures quality of generator voltage and reactive power, i.e. quality of delivered energy to consumers. Following types are common:

  • Brushless excitation systems, with rotating exciter machines and Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), or
  • Static excitation systems (SES), feeding rotor directly from thyristor bridges via brushes.

Main functions of excitation system are to provide variable DC current with short time overload capability, controlling terminal voltage with suitable accuracy, ensure stable operation with network and/ or other machines, contribution to transient stability subsequent to a fault, communicate with the power plant control system and to keep machine within permissible operating range

ATAKPAN supplies state of the art microprocessor-based voltage regulators for synchronous machines with rotating exciter and static excitation systems for high performance control of all kinds of synchronous machines (motors and generators). Our product range provides the possibility to comply with any customer specification. 

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