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  • Low Voltage (LV) Distribution Boards
    Low Voltage (LV) Distribution Boards
    LV distribution boards are produced as IEC 61439-2 up to Form 4b , IP 55 standard certificated and type tested up to 6300 A with appropriate IP protection classes considering indoor and outdoor condit..
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear Systems
    Medium Voltage Switchgear Systems
    SOLUTIONS FOR MEDIUMVOLTAGE SYSTEMS• Metal-clad, metal enclosed Switchgear for primaryand secondary distribution systems,• RMU (Ring Main Unit)• Kiosk-type switching centers• Compl..
  • High Voltage Switching Centers
    High Voltage Switching Centers
    SOLUTIONS FOR HIGH VOLTAGESWITCHYARDS• Control Panel• Relay Panel• AC / DC Auxiliary Panels• Field Distribution Box /Marshalling Box• Panels for Utility Meters• SCADA Pan..
  • Renewable Energy Systems
    Renewable Energy Systems
    RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMSSolutions for Solar, hydroelectric, wind,geothermal, hybrid power plants• Power Systems (Medium Voltage/Transformer / Low Voltage)• Automation and Control Panels&bull..
  • Generator Excitation Systems
    Generator Excitation Systems
    Atakpan Excitation System - Generators (Electrical Balance of Plant) Excitation systems have a powerful impact on generator dynamic performance and availability, it ensures quality of generator vol..
  • Control Panel
    Control Panel
  • Relay Panel
    Relay Panel
  • Protection Panel
    Protection Panel
    Protection Panel..
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